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Finished a piece for the international show

This is a small piece for the International Show silent auction. I was on a late afternoon walk in the winter and couldn’t resist the setting sun over the cold snowy fields. It’a only 6”x7” way smaller than I usually draw. But I’m thinking this is the way to try out new papers and techniques. […]


Had an idea for another piece of art

Was picking the Lily of the Valleys in an area by my alley. Normally I don’t pick my flowers, but it seemed like such a waste – all that beautiful scent just wafting down the alley. Then I thought about what a memory trip Lily of the Valleys are to me. I’m back in the […]


Making progress

Working on a series of small pieces for the Mighty Miniature show up in Sutton’s Bay on May 26th. The pieces, shown at the bottom of the page, couldn’t be more than 7×7, framed. They’re pretty small but were great fun to do; maybe I’ll do more small works. They’re all at the framer’s right […]


Troublesome art

I’ve been working on all three of the above pieces for what seems like eons. Colored pencil is slow but it becomes even slower when you can’t seem to get it right. I haven’t given up on these three but I did start two non-objective drawings (one is below) to help free my mind from […]


Why do I have to keep learning new things?

Let me see if this works? Okay, so I figured out how to make an entry without changing my format. Speaking of format, I’m beginning to wonder if the formatting is part of the reason my website is opening slower. I’ll find out as soon as I reduce all the rest of my photos to […]


Setting up the website

This has been another one of those projects. It wasn’t impossible but I kept asking myself, “is this really worth the effort?” Does anyone really bother to look at these sites? Now I only need to upload this newly designed site to my old server. I’m not going to try and do this on my […]